Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different than any other tutoring service?

One of the biggest differences is that at Teachers to the Rescue we ONLY hire certified teachers. Every tutor will only work in their content area. We are run by teachers who are always up to date with any new trends in education. We also believe that education is not "one size fits all" and therefore do not use programs or designed instruction. Each of our tutors will cater their lessons directly to the needs of your child.

Where does the tutoring take place?

The beautiful part of our service is that we come to you! We find that many students perform better when in the comfort of their own home. If you wish to have the session at another convenient location we can arrange that as well. We do request that a parent/guardian is home for every session.

What is the cost?

Our pricing is not listed online because it is truly a case to case basis. Prices will vary depending on grade level, subject, and number of sessions purchased. We allow you to pay as you go or purchase sessions in packages (this is the cheaper option!). 

Individualized tutoring in the comfort of your own home!